Bojan Sarcevic: To what Extent should an Artist Understand the Implications of his or her Findings

Edited by Project Arts Centre, Dublin, The Model Arts and Niland Gallery, Sligo
text (English) by Sebastian Egenhofer and with a round table discussion by Annie Fletcher, Will Bradley, Jan Verwoert, The Otolith Group
80 p with 10 coloured illustrations
210 x 150 mm, softcover

ISBN 978-3-936859-55-3

12,80 €

What does an artist understand?

Bojan Sarcevic invited curators from a variety of countries to his seminar to discuss the following proposition: »To what extent schould an artist understand the implications of his or her findings?« This question posed by the Berlin-based Bojan Sarcevic, who was born in Bosnia and grew up in Paris, prompted a lively, intense and funny debate, which is documented in a small volume complete with a short explanatory text on the topic by Sebastian Egenhofer. Bojan Sarcevic address the theme in his inimitable style and indicates on the basis of eight unspectacular, small photographs of filigree sculptural pieces, that it has long since been all about painting as far as he is concerned.