Thomas Feuerstein: Psychoprosa

Cat. Galerie im Taxispalais Innsbruck ∙ Frankfurter Kunstverein Frankfurt/Main ∙ Kunstverein Heilbronn

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Beate Ermacora, Galerie im Taxispalais
texts (German/English) by Beate Ermacora, Thomas Feuerstein, Jürgen Tabor and a conversation between Thomas Feuerstein and Graham Harman
240 p with 45 coloured and 30 b/w illustrations
265 x 198 mm, softcover with flaps

ISBN 978-3-86442-124-2

34,00 €

Liquid Matter

Thomas Feuerstein transforms the space of the Galerie Taxispalais in Innsbruck into a coherent ensemble of greenhouse, laboratory, cooling chamber and factory. Pipes meander through the exhibition, linking apparatuses and objects using algae and fungi; a synthetic hallucinogen is generated through a chemical process, and at the same time a viscous slime is produced; thick threads and steaks form a transparent, liquid sculpture. The psychotropic effect of the hallucinogenic substance causes solid objects to deliquesce in our perception and is reflected as a real process; the inner world of the psyche and the external world of the polymer slime begin to overlap. Thomas Feuerstein (*1968 in Innsbruck, lives in Wien) employs biochemical processes as a means of artistic expression for spectacular installations at the interface of art and a natural scientific experimental set-up, so he fragments scientific explanatory models and questions their claim to truth. The multilayered use of art media create new references, interlock the factual with the fictive and prompt the meaning. Where could this be better shown as in a concise compiled book by the artist?

Galerie im Taxispalais Innsbruck, 7/3–10/5/2015
Frankfurter Kunstverein Frankfurt/M., 29/5–30/8/2015
Kunstverein Heilbronn, 3/10–22/11/2015