Ika Huber: Coelin

With an introduction by Rudi Fuchs
128 p with 98 coloured illustrations
280 x 220 m, hardcover with dustjacket

ISBN 978-3-936859-74-4

34,00 €


In his text on the new works by the artist – born in 1953 in Freiburg and resident there – Rudi Fuchs carefully and precisely traces the application of the brushstrokes. The book »Coelin« – the name of the special shade of blue she uses in her works – provides a view of her other more figurative works. In so doing the book illuminates the transition to Ika Huber’s unique form of abstraction, the way for instance the recognizable, still figurative brushstroke in that distinctive earth brown hue dissolves and becomes a free form. It leads the eye towards the movement of the brushstroke prompting Rudi Fuchs to comment that if these pictures had a voice »they would whisper«. Ika Huber cover her initial sketches in chalk forever framing and preparing the flow of the brush with such a sound. You can hear it in the watercolors, too. Rudi Fuchs winds up his paean to Ika Huber with a line from the eccentric Thomas Lovell Beddoes: »A lake / Is a river curled and asleep like a snake«, returning once more to the essence of Ika Huber’s method that permits one to see and recognize the composition every step of the way, a method he calls »beauty«.