Michael Beutler

Michael Beutler
Exhibition catalogue, edited by Corinna Otto, Matthia Löbke, Karola Grässlin and Christoph Lichtin
text (German/English) by Gregory Williams
64 p with 100 coloured illustrations
final format 275 x 215 cm, four notebooks in varying formats in a slipcase

ISBN 978-3-936859-17-1


Four Skulptur Projekte by Michael Beutler

Born in 1976 in Oldenburg, this graduate of the Frankfurt am Main Städelschule is one of the most exciting talents to emerge from the ranks of young German artists during the last few years. His participation in exhibitions such as »Utopia Station«, curated amongst others by Hans Ulrich Obrist, as well as his first individual gallery exhibitions such as at the Wiener Secession (2002/2003), show an artist who is able to deal with simple materials and exhibition space with both masterful skill and ease. A minimalist approach is evident here as well as an unbridled joy in tinkering around with things. In this way Michael Beutler likes to redefine the applications of recyclable materials: individual, used boxes of different sizes are wrapped in plastic with a special turning apparatus from above and become sculptures – every bit the equal of a Max Ernst or a Henry Moore. The honeycomb-like room divider out of glued paper, for which Michael Beutler purpose-built an elaborate machine, could be something by Le Corbusier. Indeed, his machines almost pose the question whether or not work has been temporarily suspended, for they are an important part of the exhibition and annex themselves almost casually onto the installation. And yet it is difficult to imagine that they actually work and have produced the exhibits in the show. At the same time a brief glance at the various details and traces of work provide the certainty that they do indeed actually function, making one instantly covetous. In their presence the conglomerates arising from this amalgam of persistent hobby-style handicraft, flair for DIY appurtenances and applied functional analysis become quirky new creations and as such are immensely sensual.

Oldenburger Kunstverein, 28/3–16/4/2004
Kunstverein Heilbronn, 15/8–3/10/2004
Kunstverein Braunschweig, 4/9–7/11/2004
Kunstverein Solothurn, 26/9–22/10/2004