Dirk Skreber: It rocks us so hard – Ho Ho Ho

With an interview with the artist by Renate Goldmann
48 p with 100 collaged coloured illustrations
Format 24 x 36 cm, Softcover

ISBN 978-3-936859-25-6



Dirk Skreber’s ten-part picture series of crashed automobiles entitled »It rocks us so hard – Ho, ho, ho« has been most appositely transposed into book form in the shape of this unusually formatted artist’s edition. It is the interstices, the non-places, the details which interest Skreber: compositionally for instance, the moments after the accident has already happened, a single wheel continues to spin »phutt – phutt – phutt – phutt« because it is sticking out into the air and, unencumbered, is slowly losing momentum, gradually coming to a standstill. The collage of abundant pictorial detail produces an equally breathtaking and wildly chaotic panorama, which, when opened out as a double page spread, is redolent of a certain Hollywood classic in Panavision: »Crash!«

The Aspen Art Museum Colorado, 10/12/2004–6/2/2005
Joslyn Art Museum Omaha Nebraska, 19/3–15/5/2005