Sigmar Polke : Daphne

Edited and accompanied with a text by Reiner Speck
German and English issue available
440 p with 400 xerographs in 24 sequences
415 x 290 mm, clothbound with embossed spine, title shield and dust jacket in a slipcase
1,000 numbered and signed copies, the first 100 copies for namely listed subscribers only

ISBN 978-3-936859-00-3


A view into Sigmar Polkes secret archives

This book »Daphne« conceived by Reiner Speck in collaboration with the artist provides a deep insight into Sigmar Polke’s workshop and into the subtly ironic work of one of the most important artists of our day.
This anthology of sources of visual inspiration and documents throw light on Polke’s creative process in twentythree chapters of differing length featuring large-format photocopies with strongly diverging motifs, thereby revealing that undoubtedly unique method of picture genesis: the old and trusted sketchbook seems to have been superseded here by files of photocopied sheets which at some point or other suddenly cumulate into the motif of a large picture or smaller graphic cycles. The script of the work to be created at a later date begins at the photocopier and its drama is determined by the hand and the watchful eye of the artist. The printed dot, the resolution, the subject and speed all determine the apparently unpredictable and often impenetrable secret of a picture whose drafts are akin to the waste products of a copying machine.
Even if this is but a brief insight into Sigmar Polke’s ever secret files and archives it is still a significant one. The unique quality of this book is its tautological handling and reflection on the way it came into being – the original copies are reproduced, ordered and bound according to the same process in their original size. For the first time here we see an artist’s book with such an aura of authenticity that Walter Benjamin’s essay »Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit« requires re-reading on the basis of this product.