Florin Kompatscher: Die lange Heimat

Drawings 1995–2005

Texts (German) by Peter Gross, Veit Loers, Tyll Schönemann
144 p with 130 full-pages coloured illustrations
325 x 240 mm, hardcover

ISBN 978-3-936859-38-6

29,80 €

»The world is not enough«!

Florin Kompatscher has gathered together a group of drawings spanning ten years and comprising a rich array of motifs: drawing of branches, tree stumps, flowers, divas, flagellants, found objects, gnomes, hats, giants, walking sticks, dwaves, etc.: »The world is not enough!« The salient characteristic of this apparent hotchpotch is the interplay of spontaneity and discipline – an prodigious concentration – so that the world we live in disappears and the terror of the everyday world freezes, or as Veit Loers puts it: »Florin Kompatscher describes the idyll, but its wonder is often odd, comical, morose as with Martin Kippenberger, whose grotesque world feels best on the delicate white bond of hotel stationery. Kompatscher is evidently giving free rein to the eccentric’s poetic side in his drawings.«