Exhibition catalogue
interview (German/English) by Carina Plath with Andreas Karl Schulze
16 p with 24 coloured illustrations
240 x 165 mm, stapled softcover
ISBN 978-3-940953-26-1

9,80 €

Searching the rhythm?

The longer one’s acquaintance with Andreas Karl Schulze’s brightly coloured 5 x 5 cm-sized squares, the quicker that very Zen sense of quietude, so redolent of his works, takes hold, be it in the Villa Merkel, at the AZKM Münster, in the Kloster Bentlage in Rheine, or currently in the rocket station at Insel Hombroich. Schulze is entirely capable of confining his small squares to an area smaller than a quarter of a square metre, but at the same time he can masterfully utilise a 30 metre-long wall. Viewers invariably search for an inherent regularity, a rhythm, but it eludes them, only to find what Carina Plath, curator at Sprengel Museum Hanover, describes as »a soft rushing sound or a polite exhortation to be silent. A pithy and yet fragile, unassuming mural«.

Kloster Bentlage, Rheine, 26/7–23/8/2009