Memphis Schulze

Catalogue Raisonné 1969–1993

Catalogue Raisonné, edited by Max Schulze, Katrin Menne and Phillip Schulze
texts (German/English) by Petra Lange-Berndt and Dietmar Rübel
280 p with 120 b/w and 280 coloured illustrations
305 x 240 mm, hardcover

ISBN 978-3-86442-086-3

(out of print)

Yes Sir, that’s my Baby!!

For many artists, U.S. pop culture of the 1960s and 70s presented an important starting point for their work. This also applies to self-taught Memphis Schulze (1944–2008) – after all, he was in his colleagues’ good book: he was in possession of a soon ­considered legendary comic and record collection, which he ­allowed everyone to use. This catalogue raisonné, submitted here by his sons Max and Pillip together with Katrin Menne, accomodates this practice and seizes the opportunity of
linking, in a wild scenery, the diversity of his œuvre with the documents of a very acute awareness of life. They all find their place here, appear ­almost as if in a live act in the immediate vicinity of Memphis Schulz’s paint­ing. The fact that this has not at all been assigned the attention it deserves, is outlined in the contributions by Polke specialists Petra Lange-Berndt and Dietmar Rübel. Already in 2009, in the exhibition »Sigmar Polke & Co. – the 1970s« at Hamburger Kunsthalle, much attention had been given to Dietmar Rübel’s elucidation of the social and aesthetic relationships within that scene.