Jan van der Ploeg: Selected Works 2009–2016

Cat. Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz

Text (English/German) by Renate Wiehager
272 p with 350 coloured illustrations
275 x 215 mm, hardcover

ISBN 978-3-86442-174-7

(out of print)


During the 1990s, Amsterdam-based artist Jan van der Ploeg (*1959) gained international acclaim with his wall paintings. His abstract wall images are essentially part of the tradition of classical modernism, such as the forerunners of De Stijl in the 1920s, seeking a combination of image, wall, space and architecture with color and form as his medium. When working temporarily with municipal, public or private spaces, Jan van der Ploeg initially examines in depth any given spatial structure, explores proportions and sightlines, checks out the functions of existing architectural and design elements, and he generally finds out about the use of spaces and squares. In an art-historical context, his abstract motifs and modular painting relate to Minimal and Conceptual Art: the famous mobiles by Alexander Calder, as well as the »blps«, scenic interventions by Richard Artschwager, and the serial wall paintings by LeWitt. In one aspect, however, Jan van der Ploeg surpasses all his predecessors, as euphorically placarded by the Moti Museum Breda: »Overwhelming, grand and vibrant: words that apply to the work of Jan van der Ploeg. You get carried away by the grandeur of his images. Imagine yourself in a utopian universe of colors and contrasts! Van der Ploeg is inspired by art styles and movements from the past century and therefore connects the 20th with the 21st century. He creates graphic dream worlds in physical space.« This catalogue presents a comprehensive overview of spectacular images. You may express your amazement with a resounding WOW!

Kunsthaus Baselland Muttenz, 27/5–17/7/2016
Hebel_121, Basle (with Riette Wanders), 28/5–23/7/2016