Sarah Ortmeyer: Internationalism

Cat. Kunstverein Heilbronn

artist book, edited by Kunstverein Heilbronn
260 x 170 m, clothbound and embossed on title and spine, loose ribbons in three colours
100 signed copies for the traders

ISBN 978-3-940953-49-0 

29,80 €

Of the tree nephews

The way in which the stories about a certain Mr. Donald Duck from Ducksburg happened to spread around the world is surely to be regarded as an international phenomenon. It seems indisputable today, and that is confirmed by Andreas Platthaus’s informative FAZnet blog from 8th April 2010 that we in Germany owe the names of this ingenious figure’s nephews to the German translator of the comic series, Erica Fuchs. She was the one who, in 1951, rejected the Danish term for a piggy bank Rip, Rap and Rup – as had been the case in Iceland where our nephews were called Ripp, Rapp and Rupp – as names for the most diminutive members of the Duck family. Erika Fuchs stuck to the truth, according to Andreas Platthaus, namely to Tick, Trick and Track, for as Platthaus continues, »ultimately the German comics have an exclusive right to the truth«. Maybe that’s also an essential characteristic of internationalism – Germans are invariably right. However, apart from that there is one other, that is to say, there are many other worlds, and Sarah Ortmeyer clearly points out this simple truth in such a humorous way with her ingenious book; a small taster: Knatte, Fnatte, Tjatte (Sweden), Kwik, Kwek, Kwak (The Netherlands), Bulik, Dulik, Kulik (Czech) …

Kunstverein Heilbronn, 27/3–30/5/2010