Günther Förg: [Untitled] 1976–2008

Cat. Kunstverein Reutlingen

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Christian Malycha
text (German/English) by Christian Malycha
48 p with 18 coloured double page-illustrations
300 x 240 mm, softcover

ISBN 978-3-86442-265-2

24,80 €

Günther Förg – Master of the Universe

Günther Förg (1952–2013) is a great renewer of painting between modernism and the present, between Europe and America, between abstract-laconic minimalism and delicately gestural expres­siveness. Kunstverein Reutlingen presents a selection of his paintings from the collection of Brunhilde and Günther Friedrichs spanning the years 1976 until 2008: 100 paintings as well as works on paper from more than three decades will be introduced to the public for the first time, allowing for an impressive survey of the both hazardous and sensuous ventures of Günther Förg’s painting.

The volume for Kunstverein Reutlingen now ­follows the numerous books that Günther Förg ­produced together with Snoeck. The collaboration began in 2002 with a festschrift on the occasion of his 50th birthday (published 2005) and continued in the follow­ing years with a whole series – eleven in total – of wonderful publications. After his death in 2015, an exhibition catalog was published on the presentation of wall paintings at Deichtorhallen. That same year also saw the pub­lication of the ­volume »Förg. Wallpaintings 1978–2013«, on which the artist had worked until the very end (please also have a look on our extra page with all publications on Günther Förg).

Kunstverein Reutlingen, 10/6–26/8/2018