Roman Signer: Neue Arbeiten / New Works

Cat. Kestnergesellschaft Hannover

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Christina Végh
text (German/English) by Ursula Ströbele and an interview with the artist by Christian Vegh and Julika Bosch
80 p with 40 coloured illustrations
210 x 150 mm, brochure

ISBN 978-3-86442-272-0

24,80 €

»I don’t set rules«

An automatic lawnmower rings a bell, a balloon leaves a trace in the sand, a boat moves on barrels. Everything is on the move with Roman Signer (* 1938 in Appenzell) – randomly, one might assume, as insinuated by his statement? Not at all, the artist much rather perceives sculpture as a processual description of a condition, and thus expands the usual three dimensions of objects by a fourth: time. Hence his works are also described as “time sculptures”. He often uses explosives, water or movement as a resource, so as to be able to direct the experience of his artworks toward the experience of physical violence and speed. Such a method of working naturally generates a lot of interest from the audience, because it is quite reminiscent of those exciting and crackling archaic forces that seem to inhabit this anarcho-lab. But above all we love that violent roar and crack. Roman Signer's work has actually been exhibited internationally for quite a while, for instance at the 1987 documenta, the sculpture projects in Münster in 1997, and in Hannover in 2000 at the Expo, as well as most recently in 2010 at Herrenhausen Gardens. The exhibition at Kestnergesellschaft thus shows a very well-known artist with his latest works that, in this volume accompanying a remarkable exhibition, delight us once again with the poetic quality of things and the grotesque aspects of everyday life.

Kestnergesellschaft Hanover, 23/8–4/11/2018