Silke Wagner: Migration and Plant

Cat. Kunstverein Heilbronn for German National Horticultural Show of Plants 2019 in Heilbronn

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Matthia Löbke and Gabriele Sand
texts (German/English) by Annemarie Bucher, Thomas Breunig, Matthia Löbke and Gabriele Sand, Jobst Paul, Regina Röhmhild
248 p with 80 coloured illustrations
215 x 130 mm, clothbound and two-coloured embossed

ISBN 978-3-86442-277-5

24,80 €

The Everyday Migration in Kitchen and Garden and the German National Horticultural Show of Plants 2019

Silke Wagner (*1968) is invited to realize her project with the title »Migration and Plant« in public spaces around Heilbronn. Heilbronn is home to an above average number of people with a migration background. Their share of the ­population is 50%. For her project, Silke Wagner did research on plants from the various countries of origin and then combined this information with migration statistics. She intends to have coloured foils installed at the railway shelters along the axis train station ­– German National Horticultural Show ­– City Hall – Kunst­verein Heilbronn. Additional explana­tions and ­illustrations on the topic of migration are ­avail­able via an app, as well as flyers and this book which documents all foils as well as the ­accompanying materials and ncludes in addition deepening con­tributions.

Kunstverein Heilbronn, 6/4–6/10/2019