Natalie Czech: Cigarette Ends

Cat. Kunstverein Heilbronn

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Matthia Löbke
Postcard bookle, 12 postcards glued in the sleeve
166 x 125 mm, brochure

ISBN 978-3-86442-348-2

9,80 €

»High Life« »Job«

What exactly might this be about? With »Cool« »Kiss«, on the other hand, ­options for connotations are boundless. And »fact« »true« »fact«, who wouldn’t think of the ­biggest orange-maned tweet-machine there ever was. The relationship between text and visual form is the central theme of artist Natalie Czech, who was born in Neuss in 1976 and now lives in Berlin. In her various photographic work series, she explores the dynamic reciprocal effect of text and image. For her most recent series »Cigarette ends«, Natalie Czech has acquired ­numerous cigarette packets from the 1940s to the 1970s with such melodious names as »fact«, »true«, and »Kiss«. She arranges the smoked cigarettes next to or one below the other on differently colored backgrounds and then takes photographs of them. The continuously visible names of the cigarettes on the banderoles combine to form minimalist poems. The small booklet assembles the existing works of the series »Cigarette ends« to a good end, since they can be sent individually by mail as consolation or encouragement.

Kunstverein Heilbronn, 29/1 – 18/4/2021