M + M: First come to me!

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Claudia Emmert
interview (German/English) with the artists by Benjamin Heisenberg
184 p in different sizes with 180 coloured illustrations
total size 265 x 205 mm, hardcover

ISBN 978-3-940953-75-9

29,80 €

What means I love you?

After their tremendous success with the »PIE BIBLE« published in the year 2008, M + M are now giving a first comprehensive overview about their photographic, filmic and installative work in a book. And as in their »PIE BIBLE« it relates to the impossible redeemability of intimate promises which relates to synchronous levels of meaning and different identities standing for current trends in our society.
M + M not only lay their work like a second skin over the venues they chose for their shows, but also over the pages of this book, in which following the successful and spectacular »PIE BIBLE«, they walk on unusual paths of presentation for example with attractive theirinafters.

Kunstpalais Erlangen, 21/01–20/03/2011