Gert & Uwe Tobias

Cat. Kestnergesellschaft Hannover

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Veit Görner, Kristin Schrader
texts (German/English) by Veit Görner, Kristin Schrader
104 p. with 120 coloured illustrations
275 x 230 mm, clothbound, coloured embossed

ISBN 978-3-940953-25-4


Guests in Schwitters town

This autumn, the twins will be presenting us with as many as two new editions, in the same clothbound, embossed, superior quality with a pasted-in motif. The books document their overall progress and the results of their work since the comprehensive retrospective catalog, which accompanied the exhibitions at the Kunstverein Heilbronn and the Kunstmuseum Bonn (see backlist).
Alongside collages and ceramics, the book on the exhibitions at the Franz Gertsch Museum in Burgdorf, Switzerland and the show at the Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna primarily gathers together the most recent woodcuts which are not presented as entire entities, but are displayed in constituent parts across the pages of the book and dissected into interesting design details – as a kind of work-based de-collage.
The carefully crafted clothbound edition on the exhibition at the Kestnergesellschaft Hanover is quite a different affair. Alongside a further series of collages and ceramics, the main illustrations are of the large, new series of typewriter drawings on »Come and see before the tourists will do – the mystery of Transylvania«, duly presented in their individualistic form with views of the installations as well as several individual representations.
Both volumes document a continuing and artful game or irrepressible productivity, which is highly reminiscent of their first book in its applied stylistic methods, be they embroidery patterns, portraits, pictogramms, panel paintings, experiments, busts, collages, or history paintings: »Come and see before the tourists will do – the mystery of Transylvania«.

Kestnergesellschaft Hannover, 14/08–25/10/2009