Hommage à Georg Baselitz

Directed by Siegfried Gohr

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Contemporary Fine Arts. Bruno Brunnet & Nicole Hackert
text (German) by Siegfried Gohr (with English insert)
64 p with 64 coloured illustrations
280 x 240 mm, softcover stapled

ISBN 978-3-86442-243-0

24,80 €

»I am completely unreasonable«

German weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT used this quote on January 18, 2018 in the title of their interview with Georg Baselitz and states in the leader that the painter, who celebrates his eightieth birthday on January 23, 2018, showed understanding for Trump and the AfD. If you read the interview carefully, you will be surprised by this rather crude sensationalism. It also doesn’t quite fit in with the cinematic documentaries and features that were presented on TV in the past few days, where the audience is confronted with a humorous, smart and intriguing man. With quite some relish, he describes himself as »incredibly sentimental« when it comes to his own – old – works, and as very nervous on the evening of an opening of a show of his new works. Thus, »Hommage à Georg Baselitz« by Siegfried Gohr, formulated meticulously and analytically based on the oeuvre and the career of its creator, appears in good time for the captivating exhibition at Contemporary Fine Arts in Berlin. Gohr's text provides a coherent outline, highlighting the art historically relevant achievements by an artist who has not only been repeatedly characterized as one of the great German artists but, in view of the works in his remix phase, has recently been considered of great current relevance. Siegfried Gohr manages to elegantly reflect this in his text, in which an old leather armchair is just as significant as Baselitz's self-imposed outsider role and his ever new, often almost revolutionary pictorial inventions.

Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin, 23/1 – 3/3/2018