Antony Gormley: Horizon Field Hamburg

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Dirk Luckow
texts (German/English) by Iain Boyd Whyte, Stephen Levinson, Dirk Luckow
192 p with 120 coloured illustrations
180 x 125 mm, clothbound, embossed on title and spine with a centre-fold

ISBN 978-3-86442-012-2

(out of print)

That’s groovy!

British artist Antony Gormley has developed a spectacular new installation especially for the large Deichtorhalle: »Horizon Field Hamburg«, which will be on view during the documenta. The visitors will enter the north hall of the Deichtorhallen to be confronted by a space that is ­almost 2,500 sqm in size, nearly 19 m high, and ­virtually empty. In this open space a vast, black, reflective structure will float nearly seven and a half meters above the floor. »Horizon Field Hamburg« will provoke an experience of re-orientation and re-connection with walking, feel­ing, hearing and seeing. Individual and group experience will be medi­ated through vibra­tion, sound and reflection. The entire project could be seen as a horizontal painting stretched taut in space, on which the visitor be­comes a figure in a free ­floating, undefined ground.

Deichtorhallen Hamburg, 27/4-9/9/2012